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Innovation in microbial solutions

microXpace's mission is to put advanced microbial applications
at the frontline of the 'One Health' initiative.

microXpace was labeled “DeepTech” by Bpifrance.
A great recognition to our young start-up.

We are passionate
about innovation

As research leaders in Life Sciences, we have known for a long time that infectious diseases affecting humans, animals and plants are a challenge for global health, food security and well-being.

We have also known for a long time that as part of the microbiota, beneficial microbes have evolved mechanisms to fight infectious diseases.

Today, as entrepreneurial researchers we want to do something about it. This is why we created microXpace: we aim at developing transformative microbial technologies to improve health and food production in a sustainable manner.

For the next few years,
our ambition is to make a global impact on humanity.
Our mission is to put transformative microbial technologies
in the hands of those who needs them more.

Our natural solutions come with millions of years of evolution and optimization.

Alpha-Gal Solutions

Harnessing the power of natural antibodies to fight infectious diseases affecting aquaculture and poultry industries.

Key concepts

Gut beneficial bacteria have evolved for millions of years within their vertebrate hosts such as fish, birds and humans. The symbiotic relationship between microbes and animals survived natural selection because the microbiota protects the host against major threats such as infectious diseases. Bacteria in the gut microbiota express the glycan alpha-Gal, and induce the production of natural anti-alpha-Gal antibodies.

A group of researchers (some of them co-founders of microXpace) discovered that natural anti-alpha-Gal antibodies can kill major pathogens affecting fish, birds and humans alike. We also learned to modulate the natural immune response to alpha-Gal and put the animal in a 'ready-to-fight' state protecting it against several pathogens simultaneously.

Interview with Alejandro Cabezas-Cruz about key discoveries
related with alpha-Gal immunity.

Press release, EnvA (15 septembre 2020)

Our solution at hand

microXpace is using a patented technology to, together with our biotech partner Lallemand, develop a collection of products to protect fish and birds against major parasitic and infectious diseases simultaneously.
The envisaged product will be completely safe and environmentally friendly.


The only way to meet the challenges ahead is to build communities of people and institutions with shared values and commitments, is to remove boundaries that limit human creativity.

Bringing innovation to practical use requires a common effort of teams with complementary skills.

microXpace is proud of its community that includes academic institutions and biotech companies as well as remarkable individuals.

Microbiome Research Centre

The ideal ecosystem to foster new ideas.

microXpace created the Microbiome Research Centre to unlock the knowledge through community building and reveal untapped biological innovations contained within a wide range of microbial species.

Building momentum together

Distinguished investors supporting our vision

Meet our Team

People devoted to the daily operations of microXpace

We are passionate about our vision and bold in our endeavor to innovate.


Our headquarters are based at our incubator:

Genopole Entreprises

Campus 3, 4 rue Pierre Fontaine

91058 Évry-Courcouronnes